The wills and estate lawyers at Christlaw provide invaluable guidance to those planning what will happen with their estate after they pass away. We have the experience and capability to prepare Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements while keeping your mind at ease. The estate lawyers are also well equipped to assist clients with applications for probate and other matters relating to Estate administration.  The decision to have a proper Will made will not only safeguard your assets and wishes, it will also decrease the chances of your passing having a further negative impact on family relationships. Family disputes can arise as a result of not having designated someone to administer the estate or be the guardian of any minor children. In this case, the Court can appoint someone that you may have not desired to be the guardian of your children. Therefore, we recommend that it is in the best interests of everyone involved to have a Will made. If you are ready to proceed, download and complete a Wills Questionnaire and book an appointment online or call our office.


If you have been entrusted with the duties of an Executor. You may now already understand that it is a long and tedious process. One of the key jobs of an Executor is to ensure that the Will is valid, or in other words, the Executor must probate the Will. This requires many different affidavits that must be prepared and filed correctly with the Court before the Will can be validated. 

Aside from the duty to probate the Will, an Executor may have to make funeral arrangements, make a list of the deceased liabilities and assets, file tax returns and safeguard assets. This requires, at minimum, attending to the payment of the Deceased’s debts. Matters can become further complicated if the Will is challenged by someone close to the Deceased. 

You may be well organized and able to handle the duties of an Executor, but hiring a lawyer will make your task considerably easier and decrease the chances of a mistake being made.

Do you have a question? See our Wills/Estates FAQs section to see answers to some commonly asked questions.



At Christlaw we firmly believe that having an opinion about your future health care treatment is important. This is why we recommend that you come see us while you are still of capacity to plan for your future care. Due to unexpected illness or injury, one can lose capacity at a time when they need to make important health care and other decisions. Therefore it is important to be proactive in your own elder care early and make a Will, Living Will and a Power of Attorney while you are still capable. An advance care plan contains legal documents that we will assist you with, however it also should contain a ‘wish letter’ containing your beliefs, values and you guessed it, your wishes. This is not only to your benefit, it also benefits your family who would prefer that you get exactly what you would like instead of them having to decide on your behalf. This further lessons the potential stress your family and friends may face if they need to make important health care decisions for you. 

menu of wills & estate services

Please fill out our Wills Questionnaire here and bring it with you to your appointment.

Simple Will
 $300* - ditto for self and spouse $450*
A will that provides that everything will go to a spouse and, if no spouse, to the children or other family members in various shares.  Meeting trust company requirements or adding life estates or disability  trusts are charged additionally at $300 per hour. Book your appointment time for a single will here, or a couples will here.

Enduring Power of Attorney $200* - ditto for self and spouse $300*
You appoint an attorney or financial agent who deals with your property for your benefit  - an "enduring" power of attorney is one that allows your attorney/agent to act when you have lost mental capacity.

Living Will (if prepared with a will) $65* - ditto for self and spouse $100*
A Living Will is a substitute for a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order which admits you to a Hospice or Palliative Care Ward and gives you the chance to die with dignity.  Free with a seniors will.

Representation Agreement $450*
You appoint an agent who can assist you with personal care and health care decisions - or can make them on your behalf.  Specially useful if you are suffering from Alzheimer's, ALS, Parkinson's and other degenerative conditions and you want to have a say in your future care and treatment.

Probate or Estate Administration Application $2,888*
We obtain grants of probate (when the deceased left a valid will) or grants of administration (when no will is found) - often in less than two months. Book your appointment now.

Subject to applicable taxes, court, probate and land title fees, disbursements - conditions may apply.


Will a lawyer visit someone in need of a Will or notary service, like a Power of Attorney while they are in hospital or different location?
  • Yes, we do provide this service generally at the Lawyer's hourly rate.
  • Please call our office for more information.
What do I need to bring in to my appointment to create my Will, Power of Attorney (POA) or Living Will?
  • Fill out and bring in your completed Wills Questionaire Form to your appointment with the Lawyer so that we can gather the required information from the form.
  • This form also has the benefit of guiding you as to how assets will be transferred after you pass. 
How long does it take before I get my completed Will, Power of Attorney or Living Will?
  • We generally provide these documents to you on the same day of your appointment.
  • More complex Wills for example may require more time, these will incur additional fees at the lawyer's hourly rate and may not be provided to clients on the same day.

wills and estates RESOURCES

<Your Duties as Executor> If you have been given the responsibility of Executing someone's last wishes, this is a good place to begin to understand the process.
<Making a Will and Estate Planning> A good read for anyone considering making a Will.
<Wills Estate and Succession Act (WESA)> A link to WESA, the legislation that reduced the number of Acts that dealt with Estate law to one modernized act that is simpler to read, understand and use.<Significance of the latest changes to WESA> A simple fact sheet that illustrates some of the key changes made by the creation of WESA.
<What happens when you die without a Will?> If you pass away without a Will, your estate will be divided in accordance with WESA. This is a useful link to understand the process.
<Common Law Relationships: What happens when your spouse dies?> If you are in a common law relationship and have kids or your spouse has passed away.